Structured cabling systems continue to become more advanced as the need for faster data transportation becomes increasingly important. With facilities requiring the interface of many complex systems as well as outside information, there is no room for error in a structured cable system.

While cable manufacturers set very stringent regulations that cabling must adhere to, manufacturer verified cable does not ensure that the entire system will function properly. To ensure overall system performance, the installed cabling must be tested to verify that proper installation techniques were used, cabling was not damaged during installation, and that the system is capable of transporting data at required speeds.

Testing is conducted for both copper cables and fiber optic cables using a variety of equipment. Cable analyzing instruments are able to conduct a wide range of tests to check different parameters of the cables ability to transport information. Copper and Fiber optic nominally undergo testing for different parameters, so equipment is required for both. Proper testing of a structured cable system is imperative to system performance and longevity.

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